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spReporter is an Oracle reporting tool capable of generating charts for STATSPACK and Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). These charts contain information about the performance levels of Oracle databases, creating HTML-formatted reports.
The program features a batch mode as well as graphical interface. The GUI is based on a simple wizard that guides users every step of the way when it comes to personalizing report preferences and producing statistics with database details. It can make more than 100 statistics.
Meanwhile, the batch mode allows users to schedule tasks to run automatically for creating daily performance reports, to name an example. The configuration settings for the reports can be saved to XML filetype and later reused in different projects, without having to spend a lot of time making the same settings.
After generating two or more reports, it's possible to compare them. By viewing the differences between two snapshots taken at distinct points, it's easy to spot what was modified during this time.
spReporter is dedicated to both Oracle administrators, optimization specialists and consultants. The reports created with this tool can be then published only, thanks to HTML formatting mode. The tool can be integrated with any dbTrends for Oracle application, made by the same developer.







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This software is installed on a server and the client is a desktop application (command line). This client will connect to the server using an XML file to transfer the data between both programs. It will also collect the data from a collection of projects for you and generate the reports in the database’s STATSPACK and AWR formats.
This client can be installed on any machine, make changes to the XML file, control when the data is collected, and generate the reports at any time. It will export the reports in the HTML format using the standard libraries and methods created by the software.
Generate over a hundred statistics
Batch mode for scheduled tasks
Support for both Oracle DATAPACK and Automatic Workload Repository
Save configuration settings for reports in.SPAReport format
Save Report XML files
Compatible with dbTrends for Oracle apps
Reports are published in the Oracle default formats
Save reports to a.spReport file that can be reused for multiple reports
Export reports in HTML format
View the differences between two snapshots taken at distinct points
It generates the data for all projects available in the database
The reports have a header and footer to make them more attractive
Report export mode
iReport Designer support
Batch mode
Batch mode for scheduling data collection
The statistics can be modified
The statistics can be included or excluded from the report
Files can be in a.zip or.tar format
Can be run on any machine
Can be run as a Service
Can be closed when the machine crashes
Follow-up of requests made on the website and web mail
Automatic messaging to all users
Can start when the machine is started
The program can be launched from a desktop shortcut
Can be run in a loop
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While some people in the database industry cannot wait to get their hands on the latest trends and latest analysis (I’m more of a ‘breath it in’ kinda guy), others might have some burning questions.

dbTrends for Oracle version
Provides comprehensive reports on database performance levels and waits, with auto refresh and HTML reports capability.
The reports contain many suggestions on how to optimize your database and increase its performance. Moreover, these tips can be saved as XML files so that you can reuse them in future, if needed.
dbTrends for Oracle has a Batch/GUI mode and also an HTML formatting mode….

The new version of dbTrends for Oracle allows you to analyze many statistics with a complete set of graphs.
The reports that are displayed and saved to XML files allow you to compare different analysis points, so you can see how database performance, by using suggested tables and procedures, has changed over the last few months….

DBTrends for Oracle version is a complete set of tools for database performance analysis.
These applications allow you to analyze statistics of Oracle and SQLDeveloper databases, and to see and automatically apply the suggestions that are made by dbTrends.
The total amount of statistics that can be displayed is more than 90; the most important and interesting ones are the columns named…

This is the first version of DBTrends for Oracle that offers HTML reports.
HTML reports allow saving these reports to your computer, so that you can use them on any computer you choose, or send them via e-mail. This feature allows DBTrends to be used by clients and consultants from all over the world!
This version of DBTrends is the first that contains this feature….

DBTrends for Oracle version
Great feature is the ability to compare two different statistics taken at different points of time.
This feature allows you to see how your database performs, comparing two snapshots taken at one or two different points of time.
This feature allows you to analyze how DBTrends for Oracle has helped you to optimize your database.
With this version…

With any DBTrends for Oracle application you can create an online system using a online installer.
The online version can be installed on any web browser or using a web-server. This is great

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What’s New In SpReporter?

Oracle spReporter is a reporting tool that generates charts in STATSPACK and AWR. Once generated, reports can be saved as HTML files and published without Oracle database permissions.
Features include:
• Batch mode for generating and saving reports with customizable task configurations.
• Graphical interface for manipulating report settings.
• Availability for both Oracle administrators and optimization specialists.
• HTML formatting support.
• Options for displaying and saving.
• Integration with dbTrends for Oracle ( is available.
spReporter Benefits:
• Batch mode allows you to create reports with customizable configurations and run specific tasks before generating reports.
• Can schedule tasks to run automatically for generating daily reports.
• You can read logs from both ASM (Automatic Storage Management) and RMAN.
• You can run spReporter in both GUI (Graphical) and Shell (Batch) mode.
• Supports scheduling task to run hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly.
• HTML formatter for reports generated by SQL*Plus and SQL*View.
• Option to report aggregate values as maximum, minimum, mean, etc.
• Generate charts with database and session details for STATSPACK, AWR and many other reports.
spReporter Specifications:
• OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8
• Oracle version: 7.3 and newer
• V: SP2 or newer
• DB: 8i, 9i, 10g or 11g
• Shell: for DB10g or higher
Oracle spReporter price:
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