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You regain your consciousness after falling into a hole on the ground. Your only way out is through the cave. You will have to explore the cave and fight your way through waves of people less fortunate than you. White exploring you will learn the story of the place and maybe if you are lucky enough find enough equipment to survive and loot to plunder.features:
Old school dungeon crawling, no minimap. You will have to make an effort to remember where you came from.
Procedurally generated dungeons allow the player to experience the game differently with each playthrough.
Epic boss fights for you to figure out, survive and overcome.
Special loot drops that will make you stronger on your subsequent runs.
Online ladder to compare your times with that of your friends and the rest of the player base.
Intense Atmosphere.
about The Game
Haven’t had the time to play The Game yet? Read the review of the game here!
This is a Game that almost always on of the best games of the year, and are one of my favorites.
This Game might be very complex and has a ton of good Features, but so do many other games. So if you are just looking for an easy game that will give you a lot of fun, try this one out!
We tried to make this as easy as possible.
It’s a Very simple game.
Learn more about the game here:

We are finally making our way back to the Nexus.
Are you prepared for the journey?
The Game is a dungeon crawling platformer, where you play as a lone brave. You must complete a series of platforming challenges and face the fierce goblins in the dungeon. The game is inspired by the 90s and early 2000s trend of platformers like Super Mario Bros, Mega Man and Spyro the Dragon.
The Game is being made to take place in a relatively large world, therefore you must explore a lot of levels. There will be a procedurally generated world that is generated every time you play the game, which gives the game a very fresh feel.
Be aware that the difficulty of the game will vary depending on the platform your playing on, every button will be mapped to a new action, so you can be sure the controls will be intuitive to use as well as easy on your hands.


Publisher lyndfrid
Format File
Rating 4.43 / 5 ( 3356 votes )
Update (14 days ago)


EARTHLOCK Features Key:

  • 3 modes
  • 4 characters for each player, either each player can be the Crossing Guard or a Crossing Guard can be the Crossing Guard Guard, Race and Patrol
  • Players switch between characters by tapping the buttons as per their norm.

Screenshot/Video game-Key features:

  • Lego Tower
  • Brick Tower
  • Bean Bag
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Unlimited Time
  • Spins + Game Logo
  • dApp information
  • Clean user experience
  • Improved UI and graphics

User interaction using the on-screen keys:

1.Select the character(s) you have to play
2.Tap up on the crossing guard in the bottom to select the character- you will be prompted to select characters if previously selected characters are in use – if you’re switching from character to character without any request to play of use tapping ‘Up’ ‘Down’ or ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ will register correctly
3.As per normal tap the buttons immediately to move characters

Research Notes:

  • Image was resize to fit better and flattened
  • Tapping moves objects only- as per Box 1 Multiple points of view have yet to be resolved but will be added in the future
  • Not all characters are packed into the same amount of space, char 1 sits 200pts away from char 2
  • The video above depicts the best approach and shows the 4 characters and the 4 squares


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Satellite Boom

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Satellite Boom is a roguelike bullet hell game where you take control of a fighter that is trying to defend the earth from an alien threat.


Intermediate to Hardcore Playability – You choose your fighter, get some upgrades and head out to conquer the galaxy.

Skillful Combat – Each enemy has a different attack pattern and with a little practice you’ll be able to defeat them. Throw in some quick time events, boss battles and lots of space weaponry and you have an epic battle!

Misc. controls – There are more advanced controls than the typical point and click shooter.

Customization – Choose your fighter from 10 different profiles, and then customize their armor and appearance.

Conquering the galaxy – There are over 60 planets to explore and conquer. There are just as many different weapons and abilities you can discover.

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“What makes this game so great is the cool retro feel to it, the cute girl models and even the music.”
4.5/5 –
About this Game:

You’ve always wanted to be cool. Now, with your new uniform, you can finally fit in with the cool kids! It’s time to go to the police academy!

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Classy (yet evil) Cops – You’ve always wanted to be cool. Now you can finally fit in with the cool kids! There are tons of awesome bad guys to take down, and they really want you to join their club. Play as super cool cops, and take down their entire organization.

Funny Characters – There are tons of characters to meet, learn about and eventually get to know. Even if they don’t like you at first, they’ll eventually fall in love with you.

Classy Campus – You’ve always wanted to be cool. Now you can finally fit in with the cool kids. You’re spending the


EARTHLOCK Free Download Latest

Game Programming Knowledge:
Greetings, fellow Terrarians!
This series is a series of videos recorded at the final Stream of the Streamed Terraria Community Conference. At this conference we gathered the best of the best of Streamed Terraria and held tournaments while programming on the floor.
Here we have compiled a panel that covers a selection of subjects:
Modest Map Design (Link):

How to implement a Chunk Loading System (Link):

Villagers & Resources (Link):

Few days ago in the game I made a 4 player campaign, and the player is already in the middle of the game. I want to replay the old game (start to end) when the player have already joined the game and the game could start from the beginning.
But it is not possible, because the game is multi played, and each player has a save game, I want that each one of the player can open the file and start playing from the beginning. It is not a big problem because all the players have a copy of the save game and all the text files of the data of the game are in the same file, but after a while all the players would still the same and the problem would never be solved.
I saw this:

BUT: This video did not solve my problem because I also need to make two campaigns (back and present) and from a save game I can not open another save file to go to the past, I am trying to do this with pyCAD and pyCanvas, but it is not very easy and I do not know how to do.
Can someone give me some advice on how to achieve this?, I hope I was clear about my problem.
It is also an action/brawler and fighting part.

I have been making a game with lots of Steam Chat


What’s new:

    Comprises of Eduard Niepold, S.E. Müller, P. Fricke, G. Koppenthal and J. Reichmann, 23 pages, 63 colour illustrations and 5 black and white plates.

    Aims to show how the tortuous and confused negotiations in the Metal Workers’ Union came about. These negotiations were held in secret, and Hartheim was prohibited from observing them. His visit to Zurich gave him several opportunities to observe them. It becomes clear that the leadership of the PWU tried several strategies to block a separation between the AZ and the MUN. Yet it is evident that the AZ leadership played a major role in the negotiations.

    Algemeiner Zeitung der Amatiranischen Industrie, Karl Heberle/ H. Kronner,

    1911, 4 p., available via eBay here. An important autobiographical memoir of one of the founders of the Zurich Metal Workers’ Union. The author starts with a description of his early childhood in Basel and the influence of his father, a pietist Pastor. He describes his schooling and interest in science, especially mineralogy, and his education in the trade school of the Plesser and Stoffler printing establishment. He becomes a member of the Metal Workers’ Union in 1895 and he writes a number of articles for the union’s newspaper, Die Werkmaschinen, and is elected its treasurer and second vice-president in November 1896. He is the first chairman of the Zurich MWDU when it was founded in 1898 and he implements a number of changes in the union, the dissolution of the SEDC’s, for example. He describes the difficulties of union management and the inadequacy of a closed shop. He is deputy chairman of the Zimmermann-Cernuschi Commission established to attempt to resolve the 1913-14 dispute and he describes in a vivid language the pressure exerted on trade union members to obey their union’s leadership. He describes the location of the MWDU in Zurich and compares it with the Miesbacher Union in Basel. He also speaks of his personal relations with European metal-workers unions and trade union leaders – the brotherhood of metal-workers and the SPD (Sturmabteilung), for example.

    We publish a series of articles on the history of the Metal Workers’ Union of Zürich (WDZ). Each includes illustrations in black and white and colour plates.



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    “…Professor Hunt is most certainly not a man of science…” – sensational newspaper headline

    “…the very public dispute between the professor and the prime minister is truly a tale of love and hate, as the famous biologist and his canine companion venture into the Himalayas to retrieve a long lost temple containing a mysterious substance known as Primal Tendrils…”

    Professor Marcus Hunt and his canine companion Dakota are on an adventure they will never forget. Together they must make the ultimate sacrifice and fight to reach the summit of Mount Ararat, in a bid to discover a mystical substance said to possess incredible powers and the ability to cure many ills and ailments.

    Ten years after the events of AGON, Professor Hunt and Dakota join forces once more in order to prevent a new spate of medical disasters from happening in the world!

    Main Features:

    A gripping, episodic and richly interactive story combining the strongest ingredients of action, exploration and drama

    A unique focus on story driven gameplay, bringing to life a wide spectrum of beautiful and thought-provoking worlds in a range of distinctive genres

    A pair of main characters, unlike anything seen in a video game before

    A strongly focused story that tackles adult themes including love, death and deception

    An extensive character development and narrative system that allow players to create their own unique stories

    A dynamic and richly detailed open world environment, dynamically growing with each action, and offering numerous challenges and secrets

    The opportunity to join Professor Hunt and Dakota on their journey in a free roaming experience where both freedom and responsibility are key concepts

    Many different gameplay styles, including action combat, puzzle solving, stealth, platforming and more

    Please Note:

    The Xbox One version of Professor Marcus Hunt and his Dog Dakota features slightly modified gameplay elements in order to ensure that the gameplay experience is consistent across all platforms. Nevertheless, the overall package for the Xbox One remains identical to the PS4 and PC versions.

    Please refer to the official website for further details.

    Content on this page comes directly from press releases and fact sheets provided by publishers and developers and was not written by the Game Revolution staff. to be renamed following an earlier change of the University’s name. In his introduction to David’s ashes, Lord Rowlands said that he “became the world’s most distinguished archaeologist and most stimulating writer on classical antiquity… perhaps the finest and most outstanding Celticist of his generation, a brilliantly original and creative scholar.” When Rowlands was awarded the


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System Requirements For EARTHLOCK:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista® or Windows® 7, 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB video memory
DirectX®: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 8 GB available space
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Quad, 2.8 GHz


Publisher lyndfrid
Format File
Rating 4.43 / 5 ( 3356 votes )
Update (14 days ago)


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