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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



The year is 3025, and the Cold War is over. Stellar Conquest pits three factions against each other in a fight for the survival of mankind. The story of this future takes place in the backdrop of this beautiful, open world game map filled with intrigues, explosions, and military constructions.


Key Features of Stellar Conquest

From the Siege of a small outpost to the Conquest of an entire planet, there’s no place you can go where you won’t get the chance to feel, use, and master new weaponry.

Build with friends and become a better player with every passing day by increasing your combat experience and gaining access to powerful weapons.

Discover new units and equipment, increase their attributes, upgrade them by learning new skills, and customize their looks and colors to meet your playstyle.

Detailed Graphics, Superb User Interface and Gameplay

With atmospheric graphics and art, Stellar Conquest feels immersive and realistic. Every decision during the game’s development has been aimed at creating a game that will provide a complete gaming experience with an enhanced gameplay and a well-designed interface.

Cullen and his crew look very complete and believable from the outfits to the daily tasks, and the AI is very good and adapted to the player’s actions.

Stellar Conquest is a game that requires dedication, but it is also enjoyable thanks to the easy-to-learn gameplay.

Stellar Conquest’s Main Features:


Stellar Conquest is packed with amazing features, and each one of them was planned in order to provide an enjoyable gameplay. Each feature was created and developed over a period of several months, and was ready for implementation just in time for the release of the game.

Stellar Conquest Features:

Dynamic camera system: Stellar Conquest’s camera system is developed with a focus on immersion and controls. It can track on player’s direction while working as an observer and control position in order to provide an immersive experience. Dynamic camera system, combining the classical camera movement with complete freedom in order to view and perform the best perspective.

Your tactical choices: It’s up to you how to fight using a number of units, weapons, and abilities. There are multiple strategies that each player can employ and combine to increase the outcomes of battles.

Your allies: As you play with or against friends, Stellar Conquest offers you a wide range of Units and Abilities to use, and the use of


Features Key:

  • You can go alone or invite up to 4 friends!
  • 10 missions interwoven together in a casual progression system
  • Over 30 upgradable weapons and armor to customize your character
  • A large number of destructible environments to explore
  • 8 original BATTLETECH characters and a rich backstory
  • Tons of snazzy new vehicles and suits of armor
  • Unlock legendary weapons for rapid conversions as you progress
  • Out-of-universe bonus mission, documentary and cutscenes
  • Two new multiplayer modes
  • Acquire elite pilots through PvP gameplay
  • Improved Online multiplayer and career mode
  • New cooperative VS mode
  • Rebalanced nanite recoil systems across the board


BATTLETECH Flashpoint Crack + Free Download (Updated 2022)

Blackjack Factory is the largest, most powerful, and most profitable factory in the Inner Sphere. In this brutal game of galactic dominance, Blackjack Factory sits at the nexus of hundreds of thousands of square miles of space, with the open systems beyond as its closest neighbors. Through its endless supply of raw materials from the frontier, the Factory has helped drive the civilized systems to the brink of extinction a dozen times. Its most devastating terror comes from the huge invasion armada known as the Blood Lords—the mightiest, bloodiest war machines ever seen, whose billions of evil, bloodthirsty followers have dedicated their lives to killing and enslaving the civilized systems.
The tables are now turned. This time, there are no innocent bystanders—everyone is in the crosshairs of a global battle between two titanic forces. In the Games, there will be no mercy for the weak, only victory and glory. This is the ultimate trial of skill and courage for the Industrial Alliance, and their only hope is the last vestige of resistance they have left—the Blood Lords. In a rare turn of events, both sides agree to battle each other—one side through the Games, and one through open warfare—but only with the aim to destroy the other side utterly.
The Games begin in low orbit over the Factory, with only a few thousand players present. But the stakes are truly astronomical; each side is fielding an armada of super-battlemechs, and the goal is to close the distance between their fleets and destroy the opposing force with their superior firepower. As the battles unfold, players will witness the greatest, most destructive battles of all history. And as the war rages on in space, it will spill into the lifelike battlefields of Sol System’s wide-open pastures.
From the opening moments of the game to the very last desperate footsoldiers of the two sides, no one will be spared in this awesome, merciless, and bloody struggle to the death.
Just like in the popular monthly manga series, “BattleTech: Flashpoint,” the story is presented in dialog-driven “pre-rendered” comic panels. “Flashpoint” offers gamers an experience that is very similar to reading a regular comic, but this time it is the story of how mankind might bring itself to the brink of extinction.
Key Features:-
• Thrilling Missions- Players are able to freely select any mission in the game and be confronted with a variety of different


BATTLETECH Flashpoint [Updated] 2022

gameplay on PC:

The dark future of the starhikes. Go live in the Machariel!

Game “BATTLETECH The Road to Armageddon” Gameplay:

gameplay on PC:

Game “BATTLETECH In The Pit” Gameplay:

gameplay on PC:

In the pit you are the knights of Adepta! My knights are called to the greater challenges of the games drama that is human history. Slowly but surely the objectives of the other factions have come together like the Pieces of the Puzzle. And I am the first piece to fall into place.

Game “BATTLETECH – The Road to Armageddon” Gameplay:

gameplay on PC:

John’s BattletECH Experience:
The dark future of the starhikes. Go live in the Machariel!

Game “BATTLETECH – The Road to Armageddon” Gameplay:

gameplay on PC:

John’s BattletECH Experience:


What’s new in BATTLETECH Flashpoint:

: Engineers



The engineers are modern infantrymen armed with weapon systems, and chosen based on an individual’s aptitude for technology as tested in a series of rigorous tests. Their principal objectives include: to protect the flagbearer during mortal combat and to develop new implants designed to improve their bodies specifically for such combat.

How they function: The Engineers eschew magic and prescriptive healing, and rely on technology to keep their bodies working and their minds sharp. Each engineer begins at 150 points and is armed with a laser rifle and a med-kit (3 points). He begins the game at -1S.

How they are built
Engineers are ordinary humans who have undergone rigorous genetic testing to breed the most suited candidates into a special class of people. In a sense the engineers are the biological descendants of the original Blackjack Team – you get the body but they get a few extra bells and whistles.

Engineers are warriors equipped with advanced technology that is employed as they choose in order to maintain a combat edge over their competition and add a flavour of cleverness to their kills.

Engineers are a highly specialized class of people and are treated as such by all but some of their peers. Not only are their bodies custom created but their purpose has also been defined based on their attitudes towards their imperfect body. The selecting of each engineer would go something like this:

Standard: standard issue body was deposited into an enclosed capsule. After the embryo has developed sufficiently, it is extracted and the capsule is opened, on average 2-3 months later.
This body is genetically compatible with a standard body. The body has at least 3 options. The body type is pre-determined by analysing the traces of the capsule contents (cerebrospinal fluid, blood samples, skin)

Premium: The embryo begins to develop in the capsule under optimum conditions and is hand-delivered to a board-certified geneticist. The process can last up to 2 years and as such, ensure the correct template is found. The body is then implanted with newer, more intuitive implants providing the volunteer with a better chance at survival in the battlefield.

Basic: The embryo is naturally implanted and has little choice but to use its genetic heritage. The body of the Engineer is not as advanced as the Premium, but is combat capable and uses only standard implants.
This body is field and survival ready with the current standard implants but limited in the capabilities. The template


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  • Download Game BATTLETECH Flashpoint

    Download and unzip game BATTLETECH Flashpoint Full game (Without Key) from the below Links and you can start playing the game.

    Download Link:

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    Game Installation Confirmation

    Untar the game outside of the game directory. Located inside the game directory a README.TXT file will be located with directions for the game installation.
    Run the following commands: “sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev” “sudo apt-get install git” “sudo apt-get install file”
    Open the README.TXT file with the following command: “man readme.txt” and run the above commands.

    At this point you should be fine. Please be sure to read all of the previous directories to understand the system. You may be prompted to setup or fix any potential issues.



    System Requirements:

    Intel Pentium III 740 MHz
    AMD K6-2 400 MHz
    Intel Celeron 300 MHz
    Intel Celeron 400 MHz
    Intel P4 2.4 GHz
    Intel P4 3.0 GHz
    Intel Core2 CPU 700 MHz
    Sandy Bridge CPU i3 2100 – 2300 MHz
    Core i3 2300 – 2600 MHz
    Core i3 2500 – 3100 MHz


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